Ekadanta means “one toothed’ and is another name for Ganesha. There are many stories about why he ended up with one tusk, ranging from defending his mother to breaking it off in a rage at the moon. Once broken, he used the tusk to write the Mahabharata. Most would say having part of your face broken off is a problem, but he owned it and made something amazing.

The Lord Ekadanta is the Hindu God of Obstacles. He places challenges in the path of those who need to change or he will remove obstructions when someone is on the right track. He is also the God of Learning and Wisdom, often using challenges to lead people to greater understanding. Ekadanta works to keep obstacles connected to learning and a part of the path to wisdom.

Daily life can be full of obstacles and challenges. Many people see each infraction against their comfort as a problem or a reason to be upset. Others avoid the bumps of life at any cost, affecting a serene ignorance rather than dirtying themselves with the world around them. Ekadanta’s example shows us that neither way leads to wisdom. Some obstacles may be blessings while others may caution you to turn. He shows how living a life with some challenges can be a path to wisdom.

Image created by Suweidario

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