Kukkuripa worked hard over many years to find spiritual freedom. During this time he found and adopted a dog who devotedly guarded him as he worked, shared the scraps of food he managed to gather, and protected their cave when he was gone. Kukkuripa loved her very much.

Realizing a level of attainment, Kukkuripa was brought to Heaven where he was feted and feasted among many gods and goddesses. His pleasurable existence couldn’t be further from his years of struggle, but he couldn’t help looking down at his dog as she continued to guard their cave and wait patiently for his return. Finally, he couldn’t bear to be separated from her any longer. He left Heaven to return to his meager existence and his loving friend.

So profound was his choice that the dog revealed herself as a Dakini, an Enlightened Goddess, who congratulated him on choosing love over comfort. His supreme sacrifice allowed him to realize his own Enlightenment and with his beloved at his side he taught for many years until his death.

Kukkuripa was loved by others, but it was not until he chose to fully love in return that he was able to find truth. Each day we have opportunities to love. While not often surrounded by heavenly comforts, we do share the choice Kukkuripa faced: self comfort or love for others. Each time we face this choice, he can live on in us and we can share the beautiful truths he realized.


Image created by Suweidario

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