Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche)

Padmasambhava was a busy guy. Early in life he decided to abdicate his throne so he could focus on spiritual work. To do this, he traveled all over Asia and learned many different spiritual practices. Along the way he converted demons into guardians and ordinary people into spiritual guides. Rather than wanting what was unholy cleared away, he worked to sanctify everything around him. He believed lessons could be found in everything and everyone–not just divine objects or people.

Wherever he went, Guru Rinpoche left written texts and ordinary objects that illuminated the truths he discovered. He knew enchanted items needed to be available to all rather than hidden away for only a select group to use. The magic of these tools could be uncovered by anyone searching for spiritual guidance. He encouraged his students to elevate the things around them rather than seeking relics or artifacts of another person’s journey.

People today lead busy lives surrounded by information and objects. So many things can evoke memories, teach lessons, and ignite joy. So much stuff can also be clutter that tires and stresses us out. Padmasambhava made everyday items treasures and gave truth-seekers the keys. By looking for the teachings that surround us we can recognize our sacred riches and enjoy these brilliant gifts.


Image created by Suweidario

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