Tilopa was at the top of his game. He was in charge of spiritual teaching at court, had piles of money and was loved by everyone. Despite all of this he felt empty and unfulfilled. He knew the scriptures by heart, performed the rituals and practices religiously, and was widely seen as a powerful teacher. Still, he felt there was some deep truth he didn’t know. Something he didn’t understand.

After years of struggle Tilopa left everything behind. He snuck out of the palace to get away from his admirers and disciples, eventually settling in a crematorium. So he wouldn’t be recognized, he exchanged his clothes with a beggar. His extensive spiritual knowledge he exchanged for six words of advice that guided every action and thought. To this new practice he devoted years of attention and finally achieved the truth he sought.

This amazing master covered all his bases. He practiced diligently, gave to others, and stayed focused on his goal. At a certain point the things he needed changed so he modified his life. Spiritual seekers are constantly changing as deeper layers of truth are revealed. Some of these shifts are internal, while others are obvious to the world. Tilopa encourages us to be open to change even if others challenge the new path. The outcome may be just what you seek.


Image created by Suweidario

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