Indrabhuti was a Tibetan king who practiced his religion diligently.  Wanting his kingdom to grow he arranged for his sister, Laksminkara, to marry a neighboring prince.  The young lady wanted instead to find spiritual peace so she ran away to seek Enlightenment.  After she realized truth, she returned to serve the poor and teach subjects in her former home.  Rather than be angry, Indrabhuti was inspired by her powerful choice.  After abdicating to his son, he too left the kingdom to walk his spiritual path.  Years later he too attained freedom. 

Choices have power.  Laksminkara was a young woman, but knew that her path did not go toward family, wealth and power.  She boldly chose to walk away and the audacity of this act resonated with those around her.  Indrabhuti, already surrounded by family and power, saw this courageous choice and had the humility to learn from it.  Humility is another kind of choice. 

We are confronted with thousands of choices each day.  Some are easy, while others may lead to challenges or radical change.  Sometimes, like Indrabhuti, we may need to move in a different direction.  Approaching these situations with honesty and humility gives our choices power.  They may even have the power to help others.


Image created by Suweidario

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