Jesus or Joseph of Nazareth or Christ…there are many names for this guy. He was important and brave – living a life in service to others and achieving great things. The amazing opportunity Jesus left us is that we can read some of what he said, know about things he did, and walk in his footsteps. For centuries people have translated and summarized his words, characterized his deeds, and layered their own interpretation on his teachings. There is another way to honor these gifts.

The messages Jesus left are powerful and influential to people alive today. He ensured his teachings were relevant to people that had jobs, families and responsibilities. People see his message as an example they must honor by teaching others. What if they chose, instead, to learn everything they could about his teachings and lived those that were most impactful? For some, his years of study and focus are what resonate. For others, his generosity, ethics and kindness are powerful. Some may even find solace and support in gathering with like-minded people with whom to study and develop his ideas.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with interpretation or teaching. Hypocrisy is plentiful in any blog post extolling the virtue of living spiritually while cautioning against teaching. Despite the irony, anyone can access and understand Jesus’ example. While some of the AlphaBuddhas can be written off as “imaginary” or “inaccessible,” Jesus is real in ways most people can understand. It is an opportunity.


Image created by Suweidario

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