Ramakrishna lived his life without filters. As a small child, he was not self-conscious or embarrassed by the beatific experiences he enjoyed. As a young man, and when his family needed his support, he provided assistance in ways that wouldn’t impede his spiritual progress or require him to act against his beliefs. When his family arranged a marriage there was no objection, but he was unapologetic about the celibate life he and his wife led.

Another aspect of Ramakrishna was that he spoke truth at all times. People around him often tried to prevent embarrassment or save face by translating his words into more palatable phrases, but he would have none of it. He stayed silent when his words did not share truth and understanding and didn’t condone others speaking for him. This deep faith that honesty would not harm presented him as cheerful and exuberant to the world. By not channeling or shaping his words, Ramakrishna ensured the joy he lived flowed into the world unfiltered.

Sincerity has long meant to act or speak with whole, pure, and unmixed truth. Many people filter their words and acts through lenses of judgment or expectations. Such filters become second nature and get applied to anything a person says, does or experiences. Ramakrishna’s example shows that sincerity is an act of deep faith. He demonstrated that things you say or do don’t need to follow a particular pattern or example so long as they are done with sincerity. Such a life exudes bliss that all will share.


Image created by Suweidario

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